My name is Andres Fernando Borray, I am the Program Manager for Outreach and Research Activities at Center for Data Science at NYU where I am constantly looking for points of intersection and collaboration with potential partners. I'm driven to solve complex problems with creativity. I am big on data driven results; a system needs feedback in order to improve itself. I am a first generation American, I am the son of immigrants who left their countries (Cuba and Colombia) to study at Columbia University. I was born at the Columbia University hospital; a New Yorker by birth and heart. Despite my roots with Columbia, I defected from the family tradition and earned my Masters of Science from New York University's School of Engineering. I am fluent in English and Spanish with a basic understanding of Portuguese.

I am interested in the idea of learning how to learn more efficiently. Curiosity is something that I try to cultivate. I taught myself how to play guitar when I was 10 and coded my first video game when I was in middle school. Mindfulness is extremely important to me; I maintain a meditation practice. I also love travel (one more continent to go!), photography, film, and creative writing. You can follow me on Instagram to see some of my most recent photos.

I currently reside in Manhattan, a place where I feel very comfortable in my own skin. Please feel free to send me an email send me an email and say hello. (